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Baby Bump

The arrival of a new life is usually highly documented with photos being taken left right and centre from the moment you leave the hospital. But what you shouldn't forget is what went before. A baby bump session is a great way for a mother to immortalise the time that they carried their child within them.

Our baby-bump sessions can be taken as either semi-nude or clothed sessions. Either way, we aim to capture that unique curve around the midsection that heralds the passage into a new phase of life for the mother and her family.

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Client Reviews
boudoir testimonial 🇺🇸 N Jean ★★★★★ Michael is a fabulous & extremely professional photographer. His layout & photo studio offers multiple settings for a verity of photos. He really knows what works!
boudoir testimonial 🇺🇸 C.C, Rota ★★★★★ Okay so I got a chance to look over the images and there are about 30 I LOVE without you having touched them up!!
And I wouldn't want those 30 touched up either!
They are amazing!!
boudoir testimonial 🇺🇸 W.J, Rota ★★★★★ I wanted to let you know I have received the pictures, and I'm still deciding which ones to touch up, if at all. 
Thank you so much, you actually made me look gorgeous!