Common Questions About Boudoir Photography

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I'm not a sexy person - my photos won't look good

Almost all women share the same feelings of anxiety about their bodies. Even the most heavenly of creatures that have been blessed with a prefect body - they are few and far between - will fixate on the one part of their body that they don't feel comfortable with.

At Recuerdos Íntimos, we focus on your best features and make sure you look your best. Flattering lighting and guided poses will have you looking sexy in all of your photos. You will soon realise just how great you look - a real confidence boost!!

We are so sure that you will love your photos that we offer a no quibble guarantee: You are under no obligation to purchase any photos from your shoot. If you aren't happy with your images (and we are sure you will be) then you pay only for the studio time.

Will it feel uncomfortable getting undressed in front of a male photographer?

There is often a debate as to whether it is better to hire a male of female photographer for your boudoir photographs, especially if nude portraits are to be included in the package.

The choice one makes should really be based on the quality of work of the photographer, rather than the gender, but it is quite understandable that this questions arrises.

The important thing to remember is that you will be be provided with a private area for dressing and undressing and that you may bring along a friend (over 18) to the session if it makes you feel more at ease. You will soon see that although the final images look sexy, the actual session is more like a workout than anything else, and the professional, friendly environment is completely free of any sexual tension whatsoever.

Do you do makeovers?

We recommend having your hair and makeup done by your regular stylist before attending your session. You may use a private bathroom for touch-ups throughout the session. If you do not have a stylist or a regular hairdresser, we can provide you with some recommendations. If you would like to have a stylist present throughout the shoot, then we can arrange this at an additional fee and subject to the availability of the stylist. We recommend booking well in advance for this service.

What clothes should I wear and bring to my boudoir photography session

We recommend arriving in loose fitting clothing that will not mark your skin. If you have marks on your skin, we will have to wait for these to fade, and this could take up to 30 minutes or more.

The clothing you actually wear for the photo shoot will depend on the themes you have chosen. We would recommend white lingerie for the bridal photos and dark lingerie for the between the sheets shots. If you want to shoot art nude with underwear, we would recommend a thin waisted g-string so that the styling does not impact the shot. For other themes, we would simply recommend that you bring your sexiest lingerie - and make sure that it fits you well; it is far better to wear a loose fitting bra or panties than to have them pinching at your skin in the photographs!


Client Reviews
boudoir testimonial 🇪🇸 Jennifer ★★★★★ Trabaje con Michael, hace poco menos de una semana, atraída por su fotos fantásticas. Durante la sesión me sentí cómoda en todo momento, es una persona muy cordial, amable, y muy profesional. Lo mejor fue ver el resultado final. Me encantaron, mucho mejor de lo que me esperaba, superaron mis expectativas.
boudoir testimonial 🇪🇸 Cristina ★★★★★ Excelente profesional a todos los niveles. Encantada con el resultado y con el trato recibido.
Si estáis pensando en hacer una sesión, es el fotógrafo que estáis buscando. Todo son elogios.
boudoir testimonial 🇬🇧 Gabrielle ★★★★★ Very impressed with outcome of photo shoot, really good quality pictures! Good experience at the photo shoot and very pleased with customer service during and after the session. Recommendable!