Sexy things to do in Cadiz

12 Octubre

If you’re coming to spend a few days in Cádiz and you are looking for experiences that you would not dare to try in your own city, how about trying out a boudoir photoshoot?

You’ve probably already heard someone mention boudoir photography before as it is quite popular right now: Photos taken in lingerie, or even nude - portraits that make you and your body look better than ever that make you feel proud of your figure.

You wonder whether it's something you'd like to try, but the thought that you could cross paths with the same photographer who has seen you in your underwear in the supermarket or in the line at the bank makes you think twice about whether it would really be a good idea or not.

What if you booked your boudoir photos while traveling?

You want to book a sexy photoshoot, but you want to keep it secret - You do not want to run into the other mother from the PTSA, nor your co-workers or spinning class buddies - Well, there is a very simple solution: Book your photos in Cádiz .

You will feel free - nobody knows you, and any embarrassment evaporates as you realise that you are somewhere far from your daily life, where there are no surprises.

Absolute Discretion

The Recuerdos Initmos studio is located in a residential area - in a chalet with private parking. You can arrive with discretion and once inside, the environment is very private and relaxed.

The photos of the session can be delivered in a photo album, on paper - so they never have to go online, or if you prefer digital, they can be delivered on a pen drive or in a shared folder - always with a password so that nobody else can access your photos.

Sexy photos - Does that mean that they are pornographic?

The photos I take are not pornographic.

It's true that if you're just looking for portrait photos for a LinkedIn profile, maybe I'm not the best option.

Boudoir photography comprises many things. Sensual photos can be done in many styles. You decide which one you are comfortable with.

For some women, boudoir is an erotic photo - very insinuating, with sexy poses, dressed in suggestive lingerie or even nude. For others, it is a photo in shorts and a tank top, or panties and a boyfriend’s shirt,

The main goal of a boudoir photo shoot is to make you feel proud of your body. Not to post on instagram and see how many "likes" you get, but rather to boost your self-esteem and create a memory of a unique moment in your life.

So now you know - In Cádiz you have the opportunity to do something sexy and secret.

No more excuses - you deserve it!
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