Boudoir and Coronavirus - is it safe?

10 Agosto

Boudoir and Coronavirus - is it safe?

Is it possible to have a boudoir photoshoot with preventative measures against COVID-19 transmission?

Perhaps now is the perfect moment for your boudoir photo shoot. You have been looking for an excuse to do it for a long time, and probably also coming up with many for not doing it - but if we have learned anything over the past few months, it is that life can change in a moment, and that everything that we take for granted can disappear in a matter of days.

The future is unpredictable. If we save all our dreams for the perfect moment, they might never become reality. Creating happy memories is a good way to cope with coronavirus lockdown if it is imposed again - We use them to remember that we survived the first one, and that we will get through the second too.

Is there a risk of transmission of coronavirus during the photo session?

The first thing to remember is that with or without a pandemic, the photographer always maintains a physical distance of more than one and a half meters during a sensual photo shoot. There is also no physical contact.

We wear masks throughout the photoshoot, and if you are accompanied by a friend, they will also have to wear a mask. - You can remove yours during your shoot :-)

And of course if someone tests positive in a PCR test, we cancel the session and arrange another date.

We do everything possible to make your photoshoot as safe as possible, and that the only thing that is transmitted between us is positive energy!

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Client Reviews
boudoir testimonial 🇬🇧 Gabrielle ★★★★★ Very impressed with outcome of photo shoot, really good quality pictures! Good experience at the photo shoot and very pleased with customer service during and after the session. Recommendable!
boudoir testimonial 🇺🇸 C.C, Rota ★★★★★ Okay so I got a chance to look over the images and there are about 30 I LOVE without you having touched them up!!
And I wouldn't want those 30 touched up either!
They are amazing!!
boudoir testimonial 🇪🇸 Cristina ★★★★★ Excelente profesional a todos los niveles. Encantada con el resultado y con el trato recibido.
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